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Playlists for 2019

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498 -- Jan 19 --    Living Legends (LISTEN)
-- Jan 12 --    Life In The City (LISTEN)

496 -- Jan 05 --    2018 In Review (LISTEN)


January 19 - 'Living Legends: Part One'
Episode 498
HARRY HIBBS: Here Comes The Local Preacher (composer unidentified)
Ron Pumphrey -- From The Voice Of the Common Man, To All My Lovelies, 1971 Caribou CC LP 7005 (Featuring two songs with vocals by Harry Hibbs)
Prof. Mgr: Ray Kent, Eng: Frank Bertin.

RON PUMPHREY: Ray Kent Starts the Caribou Club (composer unidentified)
'From The Voice Of the Common Man, To All My Lovelies', 1971
LP --- Caribou CC LP 7005; 8-Track Tape: Ahed C8-8005
Prof. Mgr: Ray Kent, Eng: Frank Bertin

HARRY HIBBS: Oh Ronnie Boy (Ray Kent?)
'From The Voice Of the Common Man, To All My Lovelies', 1971
LP --- Caribou CC LP 7005; 8-Track Tape: Ahed C8-8005
Prof. Mgr: Ray Kent, Eng: Frank Bertin.

J. TERRY HYNES: It Feels So Good (J. Terry Hynes)
45 rpm single, Caribou Records RK 8402, 1970
Exec. Prod.: Ray Kent; Assoc. Prod.: Jury Krytiuk
A Proper Kent Production

J. TERRY HYNES: Waiting For A Train (Jimmie Rodgers)
‘Sensitive To Reality’, Independent 2018
J. Terry Hynes (Vocals, Acoustic Guitar),
Charlie Barfoot (Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Dobro, Electric Bass, Banjo, B3 Organ)
Jack Daw (Electric & Acoustic Bass); Wade Pinhorn (Piano); Gary Tilley (Percussion)
Producer: Gary E. Tilley, Engineer: Charlie Barfoot
Recorded, Engineered and Mastered at Topsial Tracks Studio
Arrangements: J. Terry Hynes, Charlie Barfoot, & Gary Tilley

PANAMA LIMITED JUG BAND: Going To Germany (Noah Lewis)
‘Panama Limited Jug Band,’ Harvest SKAO-387, 1969
Denis Parker, Gary Compton, Liz Hanns, Ron Needs, Brian Strachan

DENIS PARKER: Winter’s Coming (Denis Parker)
‘Been So Long’, Independent, 2018
Accompanied by John Clarke, Elliot Dicks & Mick Davis & Sarah Parker-Charles on vocals
Prod: Mick Davis. Recorded/Mixed/Mastered: Krisjan Leslie, Labofchaos

DAVE PANTING: Captain Wedderburn`s Courtship (Trad?)
'New Dreams', cassette tape, 1987
Musicians: Dave Panting, Geoff Panting, Charlie Wade, Ian MacKinnon, Kelly Russell, Geoff Butler, Paddy Mackey.
Rec: Dave & Geoff Panting, Wallace Hammond & Don Walsh at Eastern Audio/Vikkibeat, & Daydeen Studios, St. John's,NL

COTILLION:  Captain Wedderburn`s Courtship (Trad?)
‘Tinker’s Wagon’, 2018
Hugh Scott, Gerry Strong and Dave Panting

RON HYNES: Change My Name (Ron Hynes)
CBC Radio Broadcast Recording Compilation - Hynes et al, CBC Radio Canada LM 402, 1974.
Personnel: Ron Hynes: vocals, acoustic guitar, harmonica; John Capec: keyboard ; Barry Keane: drums ; Bob Lucier: pedal steel guitar; Derek Pelley: electric bass ;  Sandy Morris: acoustic guitar
Produced in Toronto by Paul Mills. Recording Engineer, Alan Thorne

ANITA BEST & SANDY MORRIS: Moonshime Can (Patrick Troy)
‘Some Songs’, Independent, 2018
Recording – Billy Sutton & Jason Whelan, Mixing – Billy Sutton, Mastering – Jason Whelan
Production – Sandy Morris & Billy Sutton
Musicians – Sandy Morris, Erin Best, Ralph Best, Aaron collis, Paul Kinsman, Pamela Morgan, Dave Penney, Angela Pickett, Billy Sutton, Jason Whelan

GORDON QUINTON: Planxty Medley: Si Bheag, Si Mhor (the little fairy hill & the big fairy hill) Merrily Kissed the Quaker (Trad.)
‘Guitar Songs’, Quay CS 7933, 1979
Personnel: Gordon Quinton, John Lacey, Boyd Norman. Prod : Gordon Quinton.
Eng: Neil Bishop & Claude Caines. Rec: Clode Sound Studios, Stephenville

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January 12 - 'Life In the City'
Episode 497
JIMMY LINEGAR: Jambalaya (Hank Williams)
Unreleased, from CBC Saturday Night Jamboree with The Strangers
Musicians: Cathy Lawrence, Glen Knight, Rusty Walker, Merle Primproy, Gary Knight, Wayne Knight, Wayne Gillard
Recorded live at The Pirates’ Cave, Harbour Grace, NL, Dec. 31, 1979

GERRY FORMANGER: Life In the City (Gerry Formanger)
‘Side By Each', Country Records CS 6022, circa 1981.
Personnel: Gerry Formanger (vocals, accordion, acoustic guitar), Terry Dimock (bass),
Rockie Formanger (drums), Alfie Mildstone (Back-up Vocals) .
Prod: Gerry Formanger. Rec: Comfort Sound by Doug McClement
Host: Doug Laite

THOMAS TRIO & THE RED ALBINO: City of Woe (The band and Paddy)
From the cassette tape, 'Jam It Inya'. 1989
also releases on 45 rpm single RED7-8901. Side B
Personnel: Jody Richardson: Vocals; Lil Thomas: Guitar; Danny Thomas: Bass; Louis Thomas: Drums; Lori Cooper: Keyboard, Vocals.
Eng/Rec/Prod/Mixed: the band and Paddy

SCOTT GOUDIE: The City (Jon Marck)
'Renata', Quay CS-8077, 1982
Musicians: Scott Goudie: vocals/rhythm, slide & lead guitar; Neil Bishop: lead guitar & rhythm; “Teddy” MacNeil: drums; Skip Abbot: bass; Charlie Wade: percussioin; Rick Hollett: piano & sax; Jamie Snider; violin; Bill Barry: harmony vocals; Donna Cooke: harmony vocals; Peter Narvaez: harmonica; rhythm guitar.
Prod.: Scott Goudie & Neil Bishop; Eng.: Neil Bishop & Claude Caines;
Mixing: Neil Bishop.  Recorded at Clode Sound Productions, Stephenville, NL.  Dedicated to Rick Sheppard.

MARK GODWIN: The Heart of  St. John’s City (Mark Godwin)
‘Ten For the Road’, cassette tape ACC-49100, circa 1988
Mark Godwin: Clavinova
Prod: Ralph Walker. Rec & Eng: Jim Thompson. No date but circa 1988

GORD TRACEY & the CONSTELLATIONS: Vacation City (Don Baker)
'In Your Memory', Audat 477-9073, circa 1974
Gord Tracey (vocals); Don Baker (lead guitar); Harold Baker (bass/rhythm guitar);
Bill Tizzard (drums).
Rec: MUN Studios, St. John's, NL

THE RISING SONS: Kansas City Star (Roger Miller)
'The Rising Sons', Audat 477-9012, 1972
Personnel: Pete Bursey(drums), Jim Rooney (keyboards), Russ Marshall (lead guitar, vocals)
Engineer: Al Feeney Producer: Grant Kennedy.  Recorded at Audio Atlantic, Halifax, N.S

ROY PAYNE: Country Roads and City Streets (Roy Payne)
'Roy Payne’s Country', RCA Camden CASX-2512, 1971

A. FRANK WILLIS: Big City (Merle Haggard-Dean Holloway)
'Live - Party Time',  Hare Records WRC1-2339, circa 1981-2.
Personnel: A. Frank Willis, Harry Hibbs. Prod: Sonny Tompkins.
Eng: Blair Packham. Rec: Oaks Farms, Scarborough, ON.

RYAN’S FANCY: Galway City (Trad: arr. Ryan-O'Reilly-O'Byrne)
'Looking Back', Audat 477-9015, 1972
Personnel: Dermot O'Reilly (guitar, mandolin, vocals, and tamborine), Fergus O'Byrne (five stiing banjo, twelve string guitar, mandolin, and vocals), Denis Ryan (vocals, fiddle, tin-whistle, spons bodhran) , Allister McGillvary (guitar).
Prod: Ryan's Fancy & Bob Stone. Rec: Audio Atlantic, Halifax, NS. Eng: Al Feeney.

ROY PENNEY  & THE BLUE VALLEY BOYS: Town Hall Shuffle (Joe Maphis)
'On Stage at The Drake', Arc A 579, circa 1962-3
Personnel: Dick Nolan (rhythm guitar and vocals), Roy Penny (lead guitar), Bunty Petrie (fiddle), Johnny Bourque (bass guitar & vocals).
Host: Moose LaTreck

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January 5 - '2018 In Review"
Episode 496
SONS OF ERIN: Sullivan's John (Dunne)
'Sons of Erin', Dominion LPS 93055, circa 1969.
Personel: Denny Ryan, Ralph O'Brien, John Cameron, Jonnie Lynn, Ron McDonald. 
Prod: Jury Krytiuk. Eng: George Semkiw, Rec: RCA, To.

RYAN’S FANCY: Tipperary's My Dream (D. Ryan, B. Gough)
‘Irish Love Songs’, Boot BOS 7232, 1982
Produced by Ryan's Fancy.  Engineer: Pat Martin.
Recorded at Scorpio Audio, Halifax, N.S.

‘Towards the Sunset’, Pigeon Inlet Productions PIP-7318, 1983
Pat and Joe Byrne, vocals, guitar ; Baxter Wareham, accordion, mandolin, banjo & vocals
Producer: Des Walsh. Engineer: Wallace Hammond
Recorded: Echo Music and Recording Ltd.

JIM PAYNE: The Emmigrant From Newfoundland (Trad.)
'Newfoundland Songs & Fiddle Music’,  Cassette Tape, Pigeon Inlet Productions PIP4-7321, 1987
 MUSICIANS: Rufus Guinchard (Fiddle), Jim Payne (Vocals, Guitar, Mandolin), Kelly Russell (Fiddle, Bouzouki, Concertina, Whistle), Eric West (Guitar)
The tape contains previously released material from two PIP albums.

GLEN TILLEY & TERRY RIELLY: Vancouver Morning (Glen Tilley)
45 rpm single, Clippers Handy WRC3-782, 1979
Recorded at Echo Music, St. John's, NL

PETER NARVAEZ: Green Rocky Road (S. Tyson adapted by A. Budgell)
'Rock ‘n’ Roll Ruby', Terraplane SW 100, 1984
Personnel: Sandy Morris, Nelson Giles, Rocky Wiseman, Steve Annan, Jamie Snider, John Nugent, Greg Clark, Terry Reilly.
Prod & Rec: Steve Annan, Mix: Steve Annan, Chuck O'Hara, Peter Narvaez.

RYAN’S FANCY: Fish and Chips (Anna Liffey, Peadar Kearney)
‘Irish Love Songs’, Boot BOS 7232, 1982
Produced by Ryan's Fancy.  Engineer: Pat Martin.
Recorded at Scorpio Audio, Halifax, N.S

DICK NOLAN: Japanese Gin (Dick Nolan)
original release on vinyl LP 'Happy Newfoundlanders' RCA Camden RCA KCLI-0050, 1974
Prod: Jack Feeney.  Eng: Mark Smith.  Technicians: Craig Richardson, Alan Moy

SHIRLEY BUTT: Darling Are You Ever Coming Home  (Hank Cochran - Willie Nelson)
‘Newfoundland Country’, Buckshot BT 9007, 1974

SONS OF ERIN: Sally Garden & Mason’s Apron (Composer unidentified)
‘Treasures’  Dominion LPS 93067. circa 1971. 
Rec: Sound Canada Studios, Toronto. Eng. & Mix: Ernie Lyons.
Personnel: Ralph O'Brien, Bob O'Donovan, Allen Flyn, Brian Connelly.

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