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-- Mar 16 --   Sing Irishmen Sign (LISTEN)
505 -- Mar 09 --   1979 (Part One) (LISTEN)
504 -- Mar 02 --   Where Men & Death Roll Dice (LISTEN) (encore)

-- Feb 23 --   1959 & 1969 (LISTEN)

502 -- Feb 16 --   Living Legends - 3 (LISTEN)
501 -- Feb 09 --   Happy Birthday Stompin' Tom
                            (encore presentation - originally aired February 9, 2013. Ep. 189)
-- Feb 02 --    Remembering Ray Walsh

                            (encore presentation - originally aired November 8, 2014. Ep. 279)

499 -- Jan 26 --    Living Legends - 2
498 -- Jan 19 --    Living Legends - 1
-- Jan 12 --    Life In The City 

496 -- Jan 05 --    2018 In Review


March 16 - Sing Irishmen Sing
Episode 506
RAY WALSH: St Patrick's Day March/Green Flag March/Kelly The Boy From Killane (Trad. arr. R. Walsh)
‘All Around Newfie Accordion’, Audat 477-9071, 1975
accompanied by the "All Around the Circle" band. 
Recorded at MUN Studios, St. John's, NL circa 1975

OMAR BLONDAHL: When Paddy McGinty Plays the Harp (James Cavanaugh, John Redmond and Frank Weldon)
‘Once Again For Newfoundland’, 1967, Melbourne, AMLP 4007

JOHN WHITE: O'Hara From Tara (Trad. arr. John White)
‘John White plays Favourites’, Audat 477-9030, circa 1973.
Prod: Al Feeney. Rec: MUN Radio, St. John's, NL

MCNULTY FAMILY: Somewhere In Ireland (author unidentified on album)
‘Irish Folk Songs’, 1950s, Colonial Recordings, COL-ST-621-A

LEW MURPHY: When I Mowed Pat Murphy’s Meadow (J. M. Devine)
Ballads of Land & Sea, 1989, With the Ralph Walker Band & Dr. Eric Abott on organ

RYAN’S FANCY: Tipperary's My Dream (D. Ryan, B. Gough)
‘Irish Love Songs’, Boot BOS 7232, 1982
Produced by Ryan's Fancy.  Engineer: Pat Martin.
Recorded at Scorpio Audio, Halifax, N.S.

HARRY HIBBS: How Can I Buy Killarney (Freddie Grundland, Hamilton Kennedy, Gerald Morrison, Ted Steels)
‘Somewhere At Sea’, CC LP 7004, circa 1971
Toronto, ON: Arc Sound Ltd. A Proper Kent Production

DICK NOLAN: Forty Shades of Green (Johnny Cash)
‘Newfoundland Songbook Vol. 4’, 2008, Unidisc AGEK-2574
originally released on vinyl LP, Lukey’s Boat, circa 1968, Arc As-810

THE NEWFOUNDLAND SHOWBAND: Moonlight In Mayo (Percy Wenrich, Jack Mahoney)
‘Newfoundland Showband 20 Hits’, Heritage Music, Condor HCD 4445.
Personnel: Ray McLean, Winston Saunders, Bill Chipman, Dave Noseworthy, Bill Whelan
originally released on vinyl LP, ‘Memories of Home’, Marathon ALS 372, 1973

RAY JOHNSON & THE SOU’WESTERS: Flowers of Kilkeney (Trad.)
‘The Newfoundland I Love’, 1973, Audat 47-9031
Ray Johnson, Jerry Metz, Wayne Davey, Ron Rogers, Albert Parsons.
Eng. Al Feeney.  Reocorded at Audio Atlantic, Halifax

ANNE-MARIE MURRAY: O’Brien Has No Place To Go (P.D.)
‘Anne-Marie Murray’, 1977, Radio Canada International, RCI 433
Personnel: Eric Robertson: piano/harpsichord; Gary Gross: accordion; Peter Schenkman: cello; Jimmy Amaro: bass; Jack Zaza: flute/mandolin/harmonica/penny whistle; Bruce Farquhar: drums
Arrangements: Dave Woods; Producer: Edward Farrant; Sound: Paul Zaza

OLIVE BAYLE and the IRISH TRADITION: The Leprachaun (Don Mclennan)
‘My Green Valleys’, CYNDA CNS-1031, 1974
Personnel: Olive Bayle, Willie Haughton-guitar/vocals; Bob Shortt-mandolin/banjo; Jimmy Steadman-bass/vocals. Prod: John Capek.

THE CARLTON SHOWBAND: Sing Irishman Sing (Roy Payne)
‘Sing Irishman Sing’, RCA Camden CASX-2539, 1972
Vocal: Chris McLaughlin
Prod: Jack Feeney. Eng: Mark Smith. Rec. Tech: 'Cub' Richardson. String Arrangements: John Arpin

SONS OF ERIN: Time Gentlemen Please (Ken Stanley)
45 rpm single, DOMINION 151, circa 1971

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March 9 - 1979 (Part One)
Episode 505
A. FRANK WILLIS: Live In the Country (Wayne Rostad)
'Welcome Aboard', Hare Records HRL7901. WRC1-937, 1979
Personnel: Too numerous too mention.
Prod: A. Frank Willis & Les Ladd
Recorded at Youn’un Sound Studio, Nashville; Eng: Stan Dacus, Ronnie Light, Les Ladd
Mastered at JAMF, Toronto, ON;
Accordion rec. at Clode Sound Prod., Stephenville, Eng: Neil Bishop

 ANNA MCGOLDRICK: Sonny’s Dream (Ron Hynes)
'Come All Ye... and sing with Anna McGoldrick’, BONUS RECORDS CL2, 1979

ALBERT DEAN: Paddy Malone (A. Dean)
‘Newfoundland “Blue Mist”, World Records WRC1-770, 1979
Island Four Showband: Hayward Russell, Lindsay Moores, Cordell Butt, Aiden Dean. Other personnel: Bob O'Donahue, Rusty Walker, Ray Walsh
Prod. & Eng.: Ben Weatherby.

MUN CHAMBER CHOIR: My Father's Old Sou'wester: (Bill Hollett)
'Winter’s Gone and Past and other songs of Newfoundland', World Records WR-18, 1979,
Edmund Dawe: piano ; Donald Boland: bass
Conductor: D. F. Cook. Prod. by Department of Music.
Rec. by the Educational TV Centre of NUN, St. John's, NL.
Musical Director: D. F. Cook, Mix: Duane Starcher,
Eng: William Harris/George Graves

BOB LAMBERT: I Don’t Know Why (Turk/Ahlert)
'Knobby’s Lament', Puck Records, SAR2027, 1979
Produced by Skip Beckwith. Recording & mixing engineer: Harold Tsistinas.

TERRY RIELLY: Lester (Terry Rielly)
45 rpm single, Clippers Handy WRC3-782, 1979
Musicians: Lead vocals & guitar: Terry Rielly, Bass & backup vocals: Glen Tilley, Harmonica: Peter Narvaez, Fiddle: Kelly Russell, Banjo: Neil Rosenberg, Tin Whistle: Sandy Morris.
Recorded at Echo Music, St. John's, NL

GLEN TILLEY: Vancouver Morning (Glen Tilley)
45 rpm single, Clippers Handy WRC3-782, 1979
Recorded at Echo Music, St. John's, NL

ICEBERG ALLEY: Some Slick  (Downey/Parker)
45 rpm single, no label, WRC3-940, 1979
Brian Downey, Denis Parker, Mack Furlong, Paul Steffler
Produced by The Mummer’s Troupe of Newfoundland
Recorded at Echo Studio

BRUCE MOSS: Crazy Love (Bruce Moss)
45 rpm single, QUAY CS 7825, 1979
Personnel: Greg Lewis, Bob Sheppard, Roger Williams, Skip Abbot & Sheila Caines, Neil Bishop
Eng: Neil Bishop.  Prod. by: Bruce Moss & Neil Bishop

PADDY GEARIN: Eileen (Sylvia Fine, Max Liebman)
‘My Home In St. John’s’, From CD, remastered at Ambassador Records, Ottawa.
Original release on vinyl LP Country 6008, 1979
LP recorded at Comfort Sound by Doug McClement
Personnel: Paddy Gearin: vocals ; Winnie Patton: piano ; Owen Kelly: bass ; Vic Hayes: drums ; Millar Hodgart: 12 string guitar
Eng: Paul Evans

RUSTY WALKER: The Old Apple Tree (Rusty Walker)
45 rpm single, QUAY CS-7935. Side A, 1979

REX HEMEON: I’ll Let You Know (R. Hemeon)
'Bingo and Another World', RCA KXL-1-0320,  1979
Personnel: Debbie Dwyer (Female Voice), Ted MacNeil (Drums), Skip Abbott (Bass), Glen Parsons (Bass), Rusty Walker (Steel), Harold Wheeler (Lead Guitar), Bern Parsons (Lead Guitar), Martin Hancock (Lead Guitar), Mike Cohen (Rhythm Guitar), Rick Walsh (Piano),
Bob O'Donovan (Violin).
Eng & Prod: Neil Bishop; Rec: Clode Sound Studios. Mix: RCA. Toronto

THE DORYMEN: Westphalia Waltz (John Drake)
‘1497’, CONDOR, ALS 398, 1979
Tom Rose: Accordion, John Drake (Vocals)

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February 23 - "1959 & 1969"
Episode 503
CHOIR OF GOWER STREET UNITED CHURCH: Swing Low Sweet Chariot (Wallis Willis arr. Charles Vale)
‘Choir Of Gower Street United Church’,  RODEO INTERNATIONAL RLP. 94, 1959
Director: Mr. Douglas Osmond, L.R.A.M., Accompanist: Miss Jeanette Goulding, L.T.C.L.

OMAR BLONDAHL: The Master Watch (lyrics by Dan Carroll)
'The Great Seal Hunt of Newfoundland', Rodeo Records RLP. 80 circa 1959

THE DIPSYDOODLERS: Don’t Let Me Hang Around (Marty Robbins)
‘The Dipsydoodlers’, Rodeo International RLP 87, 1959
Cy Brown, Joe English, Brian Johnston, Danny Behannon, Don Randell, Doug Maher

JOHN WHITE with Wilf Doyle and His Orchestra: Mickey Hickey’s Band (Peadar Kearney)
‘Irish Folk Songs’, Rodeo RLP-85, 1959

THE CARLTON SHOWBAND: Cape Breton Newfoundlander (Bob Reid)
‘The Carlton Showband at The Pig and Whistle’, Arc Citation Series ACS 5022 circa 1969.
Personnel: Chris O'Toole (leader, drums and spoons), Michael Feeney (tenor singer), Seamus Grew (saxophone, transaccord), Bob Lewis (singer, rhythm guitar), Christy McLaughlin (singer, accordion, harmonica), Sean McManus (lead guitar, singer, banjo), John Patterson (tenor singer, rhythm guitar and trombone), Fred White (bass and banjo).
Produced by: Bill Gilliland, Ken Warriner & Frank Bertin
Recorded at Bay Studios, Toronto

CAROL BROTHERS: When Irish Eyes Are Smiling: (Chauncey Olcott, George Graff Jr., Ernest Ball)
'When Irish Eyes Are Smiling', Paragon LS 259, circa 1969
Ray Walsh: accordion ; Don Randell: fiddle ; Ted Blanchard: bass ; Ollie Smith: piano ; Charlie Udle: drums.
Technical Operations: Brian Johnston. Re-Mix: Bill Bessey.

LAVERNE SQUIRES: Little Musgrave (Trad.)
'Laverne Squires', Independent, 2017
Vocals by Laverne Squires. Musicians: Derek Pelley, Sandy Morris, Wayne Brace, and Noel Dinn.
Recorded Jan. 17, 1969 at Memorial University. Digitized by Don Walsh.
Edited, enhanced, and mastered by Geoff Panting.

LLOYD BURRY: Medley; Five Foot Two//I Want A Girl/Whispering/The Shiek Of Araby (Lewis-Young-Henderson/Dillon-Von Tilzer/Schonberger-Coburn-Rose)
'At the Town and Country', Canadian Talent Library 477-5110.
Eng: Peter Houston; Prod: J. Lyllman Potts. CIRCA 1969

MARY LOU COLLINS: Information L.A. (Donna Weiss-Mary Unobsky)
45 rpm single, KAPP K-2030. Side B, 1969
Produced by Norman Gregg H. Ratner.  Arranged by Jimmy Dale

PANAMA LIMITED JUG BAND: 38 Plug (Trad. Arr. Panama Ltd. Jug Band)
‘Panama Limited Jug Band’, Harvest SKAO-387, 1969
Denis Parker, Gary Compton, Liz Hanns, Ron Needs, Brian Strachan

GERRY REEVES: Mussels In the Corner (Trad.)
'Down East Accordion', Paragon ALS 211, 1969?.
Personnel: Gerry Reeves-Accordion, Chef Adams-rhythm guitar, Andy Greatrix-bass, Jenny Reeves-drums.
Prod: Jack Boswell & Bill Bessey

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February 16 - "Living Legends - 3"
Episode 502
EDDIE EASTMAN: The Other Side of Town (Eddie Eastman)
45 rpm single - Bel Air Records BA 177, 1977

WINCE COLES: Good Ol’ Country Blues (Wince Coles)
‘I Want To Be A Working Man Again’, 1985, cassette tape World Records WRC4-4110. Personnel: Don Boland, Dave Lush, Bob O'Donovan, Mervyn Maxwell, Gary Nichols, Nick Fleming, Guy King.
Prod: Nick Fleming. Recorded at J.S.R. Studios, Gander. WinBern Productions

RYAN’S FANCY: Rocky Road To Dublin (Ryan-O'Reilly-O'Byrne)
‘Currahs, Minstrels, Rocks & Whisky’, GUNN GBYLP 1003, 1971
Co-producer – Doug Byam, Ken Gunn, Engineer – Bill Seddon
Vocals, Banjo, Mandolin, Flageolet – Fergus O'Byrne
Vocals, Fiddle, Mandolin, Flageolet – Denis Ryan (2)
Vocals, Guitar, Mandolin – Dermot O'Reilly

JIM PAYNE: Star of Logy Bay (Trad. Arr. Payne)
'All the Best', Pigeon Inlet Productions PIP 7322, 1988
Rec/Mix: Daydeen Studios. Eng: Don Walsh. Prod: Kelly Russell
Jim Payne (guitar & mandolin), Bryan Hennessey (acoustic bass), Denis Parker (harmonica)

KELLY RUSSELL with JIM PAYNE: Sydney Pittman's Tune - Skipper Lost His Guernsey (Trad.)
'Jim Payne & Kelly Russell', Pigeon Inlet Productions PIP-7314, 1983
Personnel: Jim Payne, Kelly Russell, Eric West, Janis Spence.
Arr. Jim Payne & Kelly Russell. Prod: Kelly Russell & Jim Payne. 
Rec: Pigeon Inlet Productions, St. John's.

RAY JOHNSON: Shamus O’Brien (William Shakespeare Hays)
‘At the Newfoundlander’, Audat 477-9003. circa 1972
Produced by Grant Kennedy. Recorded at Audio Atlantic, Halifax, NS
Engineer/Dr.: A. Feeney. Assistant: Bill Richards

MARY BARRY: January (Mary Barry)
‘January’, cassette tape, no label or number, 1989
Mary Barry (voice, piano), Chris Mitchell (sax), Bruce Dixon (bass), Dave Burton (drums). Prod: Glen Meisner. Eng: Karl Falkenham. Rec. CBC Halifax

THE NEWFOUNDLAND SHOWBAND: All For the Love Of a Girl (Johnny Horton)
‘Newfoundland Showband’, Marathon ALS 393, 1973
Bill Chipman (Accordion-Lead), Bill Whalen (Drums), Ray McLean (Rhythm Guitar), Ron Noseworthy (Bass Guitar)

EDDIE COFFEY & HIS COFFEY-MATE: The Girls From Newfoundland (Coffey-Bulmer)
'The Girls From Newfoundland', Heritage Music, COUNTRY CS-6011, 1977
Personnel: Eddie Coffey, Dusty Bulmer. Caroline VonBelleghem.
Prod: Doug McClement. Recorded at Comfort Sound

WARD 6: Instrumentally (John Lacey – Gordon Quinton)
‘Ward 6’, Cynda CNS 1007, 1971
MUSICIANS: John Lacey (Guitar/Vocals), Gordon Quinton (Guitar) &
Boyd Norman (Bass). Producer: Dave Todd

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February 2 - "Remembering Ray Walsh"
Episode 500
(encore presentation - originally aired November 8, 2014. Ep. 279)
RAY WALSH: I'se the B'y (composer unidentified on record)
Favorite Reels & Jigs of Newfoundland, 1966, ARC 691
Personnel: Ray Walsh: accordion; Bill Allen: guitar; Reg Foley: bass

JOHN WHITE: O'Brien Has No Place To Go (Trad.)
Alive and Well, Vol. 1, independent, 1990

JOHN WHITE: Paddy Kelly’s Brew (Tommy Makem)
Raring To Go – Vol. 2’ ARC 90200, cassette tape, circa 1990

BLUEGRASS MOUNTAINEERS: Boil Them Cabbage Down (Trad.)
Saturday Nite Jamboree On CBC Newfoundland 1963, (CD), MMaP, MUN, 2007

THE SHAMROCKS: Bonavist Harbour (composer unidentified on record)
‘Newfoundland Old Time Fiddle Music’, Banff RBS. 1055, 1957?
Don Randell: fiddle, Ted Blanchard: fiddle, Eric Dicks: piano

JOHN WHITE: The Water Shortage At Winsor Lake (Johnny Burke)
''Raring To Go, Vol. 2' ARC 90200. Released circa 1990

JOHN WHITE: Sealer's Song (Trad.)
''Raring To Go, Vol. 2' ARC 90200. Released circa 1990

CAROL BROTHERS: Golden Jubilee (Trad.)
'When Irish Eyes Are Smiling', Paragon LS 259, circa 1969
Ray Walsh: accordion ; Don Randell: fiddle ; Ted Blanchard: bass ; Ollie Smith: piano ; Charlie Udle: drums.
Technical Operations: Brian Johnston. Re-Mix: Bill Bessey.

JOHN WHITE: Kevin Barry (Trad.)
'At the Caribou Club', ARC AS804. , circa 1968
Dir: Ben Weatherby. Rec: Bay Studios, Toronto.
Harry Hibbs on squeezebox.

JOHN WHITE: Now I'm 64 (Trad.)
'Come All Ye Home To Newfoundland', RCA Victor MG-4247, 1966
Ray Walsh: piano accordion; Bill Allen: guitar; Reg Foley: bass & piano

RAY WALSH: Come Under My Pladie/My Love Is Like A Red Red Rose/Come Under My Pladie
(Trad. Arr R. Walsh)
'All Around Newfie Accordion', Audat 477-9071, 1975
accompanied by the "All Around the Circle" band.
Recorded at MUN Studios, St. John's, NL circa 1975.

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January 26 - 'Living Legends: Part Two'
Episode 499
SIMANI: Bartender’s Story (Bud Davidge)
'Saltwater Cowboys', QUAY CS-8059, 1981
Credits: Ted MacNeil (Drums), Neil Bishop (lead, steel, and rhythm guitars), Claude Caines (bass guitar), Betty Jean Hynes & Reg Eddy (Harmony vocals), and Rick Walsh (piano).
Produced by Simani. Engineered by Neil Bishop and Claude Caines.
Recorded at Clode Sound Studios, Stephenville, NL, June 1981

VARIOUS ARTISTS: Music & Friends (Bud Davidge)
From music video mixed and produced by Chris Kirby, 2018
Featuring The Once, Sherman Downey, The Navigators, Alan Doyle, Gary & Whitt, Glen Simmons, Rube & Rake, Cory Tetford, Tim Baker, Rex Goudie, Fergus & Jim, The Secrets, Matthew Byrne, Aaron Collis, Lily Goudie, and Bud Davidge

BRUCE MOSS: The Way I Feel (Bruce Moss)
45 rpm single,  QUAY CS 7825 (Side A), circa 1979
Eng: Neil Bishop.  Prod. by: Bruce Moss & Neil Bishop

BRUCE MOSS: The Boy From the Bay (Bruce Moss)
‘On the Road To Seventy’, Independent 2017
Fiddle: Patrick Moran. Accordion: Mark Hiscock

DAVE & AUBREY: In My Arms Tonight (Dave & Aubrey)
‘Bartender’s Sweethear’t KLX1-0386 ,1980. 
Personnel: Neil Bishop (Guitars & steel guitar), Ted MacNeil (Drums, Claude Caines (Bass), Betty Jean Hynes & Bruce White (Vocal Harmonies), Kevin Beanland (Fiddle & mandolin), Rick Walsh (Piano).
Recorded at Clode Sound Studios, Stephenville

DAVE PIKE: The Old Terra Nova (Composer Unidentified)
‘The Old Terra Nova’, Independent, 2011?

FIGGY DUFF: A Sailor Courted a Farmer's Daughter (Trad. Arr. Figgy Duff)
'18th Cambridge Folk Festival', CN 4197/S BBC Transcription Services, 1983

CHRIS HENNESSEY: Her Father Didn’t Like Me Anyway (Gerry Rafferty)
‘The Town I Love So Well’, Erinsons Records ERN1100S, 1975
Personnel: Chris Hennessy, Ralph O'Brien, Robert O'Donovan.
Musicians: Grant Kennedy, Len MacDonald, Len Brennan.
Prod: Sons of Erin. Eng: Grant Kennedy.  Arr: O'Brien, Hennessy, O'Donovan

THE SONS OF ERIN: The Town I Love So Well (Coulter)
‘The Town I Love So Well’, Erinsons Records ERN1100S, 1975
Personnel: Chris Hennessy, Ralph O'Brien, Robert O'Donovan.
Musicians: Grant Kennedy, Len MacDonald, Len Brennan.
Prod: Sons of Erin. Eng: Grant Kennedy.  Arr: O'Brien, Hennessy, O'Donovan

THE DU-CATS: Peace Pipe (N. Paramor)
The Du-cats, RCA Victor Canada International, PC-1018, 1966
Lewis “Butch” Skinner, Jim Crewe, Bob Battiste, Joe Boulos, Winston Blackmore

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January 19 - 'Living Legends: Part One'
Episode 498
HARRY HIBBS: Here Comes The Local Preacher (composer unidentified)
Ron Pumphrey -- From The Voice Of the Common Man, To All My Lovelies, 1971 Caribou CC LP 7005 (Featuring two songs with vocals by Harry Hibbs)
Prof. Mgr: Ray Kent, Eng: Frank Bertin.

RON PUMPHREY: Ray Kent Starts the Caribou Club (composer unidentified)
'From The Voice Of the Common Man, To All My Lovelies', 1971
LP --- Caribou CC LP 7005; 8-Track Tape: Ahed C8-8005
Prof. Mgr: Ray Kent, Eng: Frank Bertin

HARRY HIBBS: Oh Ronnie Boy (Ray Kent?)
'From The Voice Of the Common Man, To All My Lovelies', 1971
LP --- Caribou CC LP 7005; 8-Track Tape: Ahed C8-8005
Prof. Mgr: Ray Kent, Eng: Frank Bertin.

J. TERRY HYNES: It Feels So Good (J. Terry Hynes)
45 rpm single, Caribou Records RK 8402, 1970
Exec. Prod.: Ray Kent; Assoc. Prod.: Jury Krytiuk
A Proper Kent Production

J. TERRY HYNES: Waiting For A Train (Jimmie Rodgers)
‘Sensitive To Reality’, Independent 2018
J. Terry Hynes (Vocals, Acoustic Guitar),
Charlie Barfoot (Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Dobro, Electric Bass, Banjo, B3 Organ)
Jack Daw (Electric & Acoustic Bass); Wade Pinhorn (Piano); Gary Tilley (Percussion)
Producer: Gary E. Tilley, Engineer: Charlie Barfoot
Recorded, Engineered and Mastered at Topsial Tracks Studio
Arrangements: J. Terry Hynes, Charlie Barfoot, & Gary Tilley

PANAMA LIMITED JUG BAND: Going To Germany (Noah Lewis)
‘Panama Limited Jug Band,’ Harvest SKAO-387, 1969
Denis Parker, Gary Compton, Liz Hanns, Ron Needs, Brian Strachan

DENIS PARKER: Winter’s Coming (Denis Parker)
‘Been So Long’, Independent, 2018
Accompanied by John Clarke, Elliot Dicks & Mick Davis & Sarah Parker-Charles on vocals
Prod: Mick Davis. Recorded/Mixed/Mastered: Krisjan Leslie, Labofchaos

DAVE PANTING: Captain Wedderburn`s Courtship (Trad?)
'New Dreams', cassette tape, 1987
Musicians: Dave Panting, Geoff Panting, Charlie Wade, Ian MacKinnon, Kelly Russell, Geoff Butler, Paddy Mackey.
Rec: Dave & Geoff Panting, Wallace Hammond & Don Walsh at Eastern Audio/Vikkibeat, & Daydeen Studios, St. John's,NL

COTILLION:  Captain Wedderburn`s Courtship (Trad?)
‘Tinker’s Wagon’, 2018
Hugh Scott, Gerry Strong and Dave Panting

RON HYNES: Change My Name (Ron Hynes)
CBC Radio Broadcast Recording Compilation - Hynes et al, CBC Radio Canada LM 402, 1974.
Personnel: Ron Hynes: vocals, acoustic guitar, harmonica; John Capec: keyboard ; Barry Keane: drums ; Bob Lucier: pedal steel guitar; Derek Pelley: electric bass ;  Sandy Morris: acoustic guitar
Produced in Toronto by Paul Mills. Recording Engineer, Alan Thorne

ANITA BEST & SANDY MORRIS: Moonshime Can (Patrick Troy)
‘Some Songs’, Independent, 2018
Recording – Billy Sutton & Jason Whelan, Mixing – Billy Sutton, Mastering – Jason Whelan
Production – Sandy Morris & Billy Sutton
Musicians – Sandy Morris, Erin Best, Ralph Best, Aaron collis, Paul Kinsman, Pamela Morgan, Dave Penney, Angela Pickett, Billy Sutton, Jason Whelan

GORDON QUINTON: Planxty Medley: Si Bheag, Si Mhor (the little fairy hill & the big fairy hill) Merrily Kissed the Quaker (Trad.)
‘Guitar Songs’, Quay CS 7933, 1979
Personnel: Gordon Quinton, John Lacey, Boyd Norman. Prod : Gordon Quinton.
Eng: Neil Bishop & Claude Caines. Rec: Clode Sound Studios, Stephenville

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January 12 - 'Life In the City'
Episode 497
JIMMY LINEGAR: Jambalaya (Hank Williams)
Unreleased, from CBC Saturday Night Jamboree with The Strangers
Musicians: Cathy Lawrence, Glen Knight, Rusty Walker, Merle Primproy, Gary Knight, Wayne Knight, Wayne Gillard
Recorded live at The Pirates’ Cave, Harbour Grace, NL, Dec. 31, 1979

GERRY FORMANGER: Life In the City (Gerry Formanger)
‘Side By Each', Country Records CS 6022, circa 1981.
Personnel: Gerry Formanger (vocals, accordion, acoustic guitar), Terry Dimock (bass),
Rockie Formanger (drums), Alfie Mildstone (Back-up Vocals) .
Prod: Gerry Formanger. Rec: Comfort Sound by Doug McClement
Host: Doug Laite

THOMAS TRIO & THE RED ALBINO: City of Woe (The band and Paddy)
From the cassette tape, 'Jam It Inya'. 1989
also releases on 45 rpm single RED7-8901. Side B
Personnel: Jody Richardson: Vocals; Lil Thomas: Guitar; Danny Thomas: Bass; Louis Thomas: Drums; Lori Cooper: Keyboard, Vocals.
Eng/Rec/Prod/Mixed: the band and Paddy

SCOTT GOUDIE: The City (Jon Marck)
'Renata', Quay CS-8077, 1982
Musicians: Scott Goudie: vocals/rhythm, slide & lead guitar; Neil Bishop: lead guitar & rhythm; “Teddy” MacNeil: drums; Skip Abbot: bass; Charlie Wade: percussioin; Rick Hollett: piano & sax; Jamie Snider; violin; Bill Barry: harmony vocals; Donna Cooke: harmony vocals; Peter Narvaez: harmonica; rhythm guitar.
Prod.: Scott Goudie & Neil Bishop; Eng.: Neil Bishop & Claude Caines;
Mixing: Neil Bishop.  Recorded at Clode Sound Productions, Stephenville, NL.  Dedicated to Rick Sheppard.

MARK GODWIN: The Heart of  St. John’s City (Mark Godwin)
‘Ten For the Road’, cassette tape ACC-49100, circa 1988
Mark Godwin: Clavinova
Prod: Ralph Walker. Rec & Eng: Jim Thompson. No date but circa 1988

GORD TRACEY & the CONSTELLATIONS: Vacation City (Don Baker)
'In Your Memory', Audat 477-9073, circa 1974
Gord Tracey (vocals); Don Baker (lead guitar); Harold Baker (bass/rhythm guitar);
Bill Tizzard (drums).
Rec: MUN Studios, St. John's, NL

THE RISING SONS: Kansas City Star (Roger Miller)
'The Rising Sons', Audat 477-9012, 1972
Personnel: Pete Bursey(drums), Jim Rooney (keyboards), Russ Marshall (lead guitar, vocals)
Engineer: Al Feeney Producer: Grant Kennedy.  Recorded at Audio Atlantic, Halifax, N.S

ROY PAYNE: Country Roads and City Streets (Roy Payne)
'Roy Payne’s Country', RCA Camden CASX-2512, 1971

A. FRANK WILLIS: Big City (Merle Haggard-Dean Holloway)
'Live - Party Time',  Hare Records WRC1-2339, circa 1981-2.
Personnel: A. Frank Willis, Harry Hibbs. Prod: Sonny Tompkins.
Eng: Blair Packham. Rec: Oaks Farms, Scarborough, ON.

RYAN’S FANCY: Galway City (Trad: arr. Ryan-O'Reilly-O'Byrne)
'Looking Back', Audat 477-9015, 1972
Personnel: Dermot O'Reilly (guitar, mandolin, vocals, and tamborine), Fergus O'Byrne (five stiing banjo, twelve string guitar, mandolin, and vocals), Denis Ryan (vocals, fiddle, tin-whistle, spons bodhran) , Allister McGillvary (guitar).
Prod: Ryan's Fancy & Bob Stone. Rec: Audio Atlantic, Halifax, NS. Eng: Al Feeney.

ROY PENNEY  & THE BLUE VALLEY BOYS: Town Hall Shuffle (Joe Maphis)
'On Stage at The Drake', Arc A 579, circa 1962-3
Personnel: Dick Nolan (rhythm guitar and vocals), Roy Penny (lead guitar), Bunty Petrie (fiddle), Johnny Bourque (bass guitar & vocals).
Host: Moose LaTreck

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January 5 - '2018 In Review"
Episode 496
SONS OF ERIN: Sullivan's John (Dunne)
'Sons of Erin', Dominion LPS 93055, circa 1969.
Personel: Denny Ryan, Ralph O'Brien, John Cameron, Jonnie Lynn, Ron McDonald. 
Prod: Jury Krytiuk. Eng: George Semkiw, Rec: RCA, To.

RYAN’S FANCY: Tipperary's My Dream (D. Ryan, B. Gough)
‘Irish Love Songs’, Boot BOS 7232, 1982
Produced by Ryan's Fancy.  Engineer: Pat Martin.
Recorded at Scorpio Audio, Halifax, N.S.

‘Towards the Sunset’, Pigeon Inlet Productions PIP-7318, 1983
Pat and Joe Byrne, vocals, guitar ; Baxter Wareham, accordion, mandolin, banjo & vocals
Producer: Des Walsh. Engineer: Wallace Hammond
Recorded: Echo Music and Recording Ltd.

JIM PAYNE: The Emmigrant From Newfoundland (Trad.)
'Newfoundland Songs & Fiddle Music’,  Cassette Tape, Pigeon Inlet Productions PIP4-7321, 1987
 MUSICIANS: Rufus Guinchard (Fiddle), Jim Payne (Vocals, Guitar, Mandolin), Kelly Russell (Fiddle, Bouzouki, Concertina, Whistle), Eric West (Guitar)
The tape contains previously released material from two PIP albums.

GLEN TILLEY & TERRY RIELLY: Vancouver Morning (Glen Tilley)
45 rpm single, Clippers Handy WRC3-782, 1979
Recorded at Echo Music, St. John's, NL

PETER NARVAEZ: Green Rocky Road (S. Tyson adapted by A. Budgell)
'Rock ‘n’ Roll Ruby', Terraplane SW 100, 1984
Personnel: Sandy Morris, Nelson Giles, Rocky Wiseman, Steve Annan, Jamie Snider, John Nugent, Greg Clark, Terry Reilly.
Prod & Rec: Steve Annan, Mix: Steve Annan, Chuck O'Hara, Peter Narvaez.

RYAN’S FANCY: Fish and Chips (Anna Liffey, Peadar Kearney)
‘Irish Love Songs’, Boot BOS 7232, 1982
Produced by Ryan's Fancy.  Engineer: Pat Martin.
Recorded at Scorpio Audio, Halifax, N.S

DICK NOLAN: Japanese Gin (Dick Nolan)
original release on vinyl LP 'Happy Newfoundlanders' RCA Camden RCA KCLI-0050, 1974
Prod: Jack Feeney.  Eng: Mark Smith.  Technicians: Craig Richardson, Alan Moy

SHIRLEY BUTT: Darling Are You Ever Coming Home  (Hank Cochran - Willie Nelson)
‘Newfoundland Country’, Buckshot BT 9007, 1974

SONS OF ERIN: Sally Garden & Mason’s Apron (Composer unidentified)
‘Treasures’  Dominion LPS 93067. circa 1971. 
Rec: Sound Canada Studios, Toronto. Eng. & Mix: Ernie Lyons.
Personnel: Ralph O'Brien, Bob O'Donovan, Allen Flyn, Brian Connelly.

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